Best Accessories For laptop You Must Own

If your bag doesn’t come with a built-in laptop area, grabbing a padded sleeve can offer protection on the cheap. AmazonBasics laptop sleeves are thin, inexpensive, and fit machines from 7 to 17.3-inches. $11.

If you’re in the market for an entirely new bag, the Belkin Active Pro messenger bag is a solid choice. It has room for a 15.6-inch laptop, a water-resistant coating for protection during rainy weather, and reflective areas make it visible in the dark. The messenger bag has padded shoulder straps and keeps you organized with special pockets for your devices. $50.


Cables and dongles are a big pain even when they aren’t lost. They’re annoying to carry around and can break easily. If you’re looking for something cheap and reliable, opt for these three-foot, 5,000-bend lifespan Micro USBcables from Anker. They are only $5 each and come with an 18-month warranty.

For a fancier—and pricier—option, Native Union cables have a 10,000-bend lifespan due to their “o-flex” strain relief, which increases the cable’s durability. The cable is four feet long and comes with a leather strap to wrap up it up and keep the inside of your bag from looking like a bowl of spaghetti. Stylin’! $25.

The best touchpad

The Sensel Morph is a touch-sensitive, pressurized pad that has over 20,000 sensors with 32,000 levels of touch sensitivity. It can register up to 16 simultaneous touch points, and comes with overlays customized for specific applications. There are 10 overlays in all, including options for music (drum pad, piano, and music production controls), keyboards, and gaming controls. It can be used wirelessly over Bluetooth or plugged in via USB. The overlays are typically $35 each, but if you buy three overlays you get one of them for free. $200.

The charger

If you’ve got a newer laptop that charges over USB, Anker’s 5-port 60W wall chargers are a trustworthy alternative to the one that comes with your computer. The charger has four standard USB ports, a 29-watt fast-charging USB-C port, and built-in PowerIQ technology that detects the fastest charging speed of your device. For an extra USB-C cable, check out Native Union’s USB-C to USB-C cable. $48.

The Seagate Backup Plus Slim is portable, USB-powered, and works with Macs, PCs, and the Playstation 4. The drive come in four sizes—1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB—and uses a high-speed USB 3.0 connection. For a heavy-duty option, take a look at the Glyph Studio featured in our music recording gear guide. $64.

Audio accessories

Not only do the Libratone Q ADAPT Bluetooth wireless headphones look cool and different, they also sound pretty good, too. The headphones have a 20-plus-hour battery life, tech that lets you adjust how much outside noise you want to cancel out, and the ability add a second Bluetooth device to share your music. $249.

If you hate having things on your ears, the Bose Soundwear Companion could be your new best friend. The wearable speaker is form fitting, flexible, and sits on your shoulders. The upward facing speakers use Waveguide technology to produce a rich and full sound mix that is sent directly at your ears, minimizing what others hear around you. The device lets you answer calls, has a 12-hour battery life, and is sweat-resistant. $299.

Headphone holder

For the times you aren’t listening to podcasts or blasting that embarrassing pop-punk band you loved 20 years ago, have a place to stick your headphones. This wooden headphone stand is sleek as heck, has a walnut finish, and is 10 inches tall. $20.

For a tech-enabled option, the Twelve South Fermata is a wall-powered headphone stand with a microUSB plug built in to the stand and a cushioned, leather resting pad for your headphones. There is a second USB port in the base for simultaneous charging. $80.

Bolt USB 3.0 memory stick

The Kingston Bolt USB 3.0 memory stick fits inside your iPhone or iPad’s lightning port. After downloading the Kingston Bolt app, you can shoot photos and videos directly onto the external flash drive or free up space on your phone by transferring the files to the drive. From here, you can transfer the photos to your computer via the USB plug on the opposite side of the memory stick. Unlike uploading your photos to the Cloud, this device will not reduce the resolution of your media.

The device comes in three sizes—32GB, 64GB, and 128GB—and fits in a protective rubber key ring, so you can take it on the go. The keychain-sized device is portable enough that you can access your files from anywhere without taking up the space on your smartphone. $39 for the 64GB.

USB reading lamp

A USB-powered light is a perfect, portable accessory for the college student or nighttime worker. Instead of having to turn on the overhead light—keeping other people in the room awake—snag a USB-powered light that will keep your night lit. This i2 Gear reading lamp has a flexible neck, 14 LEDs, and three brightness levels. It weighs only 1.5-ounces and comes in three colors—black, blue, and pink. $10.

Laptop cooling mat

If you notice your laptop getting hot, that’s not a good sign. Protect your lap and your laptop from overheating with an ergonomic and lightweight Targus lap chill mat. The 15 x 1 x 11.75-inch, tilted mat is powered via a USB port on your computer, has four rubber stops on the bottom to prevent the stand from moving, and features two fans below a ventilated grill to circulate he

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