How Fashion And Music Is Co-related ?

There is a clearly obvious intersection between music culture and fashion trends. Popular musicians often tend to be trendsetting for those who love their music. Fans of music love to emulate their favorite pop singer, rappers, and rock stars. There is some level of joy to be had when you create a certain style for yourself that has inspiration from your favorite musician.

Style Use to Differentiate from Other Musicians

Musicians often create distinct stage looks for themselves. They want to stick out clearly from other music acts when they are initially looking for a record deal. It is largely out of necessity that musicians will craft a very clear and original style. This unique style makes musicians stand out, of course, when you look through music you may or may not be interested in checking out for yourself. It is an excellent marketing technique.

The more eye catching the fashion looks are that musicians have, the more likely fans will check out their music further. Every generation clearly has their trendsetting musicians. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, David Bowie, and various other 80s new wave musicians made 80s fashion on point. The 90s were a combination of fashion inspiration from rappers, grunge bands, Janet Jackson, and other pop artists.

The 2000s were dominated by Britney Spears, NSYNC, Beyonce, alternative rock bands, and various other musicians with their style influences. Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, One Direction, Nicki Minaj, and various other acts of today have inspired fashion of the day right now.

Fashion Labels Advertising Products with Musicians

The correlation between music culture and fashion trends has also led to fashion brands reaching out to musicians to ask if they can wear their wares. Musicians are often asked to wear all sorts of clothing, makeup, bags, women’s sneakers, men’s sneakers, hats, accessories, and bags. Sometimes musicians are paid to promote the products.

Other times they are not paid to promote, but merely agree to wear the clothing as a favor or because they find it to be comfortable. Fashion labels know that this gives their clothing, shoe wear, and accessories far more attention when a famous musician is wearing it. They know that it will assist their sales to advertise their products in this way. Fashion labels and other companies also use music videos to place their products.

Musicians can sometimes have their music videos partially paid for by wearing a certain fashion label or using a certain product in their music video. Part of the connection between music and fashion trends is certainly because of blatant advertising techniques from clothing companies and other companies.

Music is an escape.

The answer to why there is a definite correlation between music and fashion trends may also lie in the fact that music is an escape. Music is something we listen to at dances, clubs, bars, during workouts, on screen, during work hours, in the car, and for leisure time. Music creates the ability for us to forget things for some time. It can be a soundtrack to events in our lives.

Or it can be immersive to help us focus our attention on other things. The music producer and pop singer Justin Timberlake stated that he sees the reason behind the connection between music and fashion as: “I think we all want to dress like rock stars.” People use music as an escape through listening to it and by dressing into the style of your favorite musician.

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