Tricks of Using the Rummy Playing Cards in a Much Better Way to Earn Money

Rummy playing cards might seem pretty easy but it is tricky to play. You really need to know your cards to be able to meld them quickly and win. Practicing playing rummy helps in knowing your cards better. It might seem easy to just match cards but it’s more than that.

In a game of 13 Cards Rummy, each player is given 13 cards at the beginning of the game. These 13 cards make a hand. Each player’s objective is to make sets and sequences from these cards, but also trying to get the least points out of it.

While doing all this multitasking of picking and discarding cards, making sets and sequences and keeping track of your opponent’s moves, it might get a little tough. Sometimes all you need is a little practice and knowing your cards well, to win these games.

All you need to know about your cards are:

  • Why you need to know your cards

Knowing which rummy playing cards are useful and which cards to discard is important. If you try keeping too many cards with higher points, it will add up with your total and you might end up losing rather than winning. It is important to know how to use the cards in your hand and what to pick and discard.

  • What is more essential

In rummy, the player who gets the least points in the game from his/her melded cards wins. So, the aim is to keep the lower value cards and meld to make the lowest value sequence possible. Number cards are very useful. While the Ace card can be used as both number one and after the King card, having 3 or more Aces can ensure victory.

  • Too many jokers

Having too many jokers in your hand might end up in losing you the game. If you are planning to win earlier with too many jokers, it might be a bad idea. Try focusing more on making your sequences and set before collecting the joker.

  • How many sequences and sets

To win a game of rummy each player must make one pure sequence, i.e. making a sequence without using the joker card, and one sequence or set, which might be pure or impure. The aim is to make the pure sequence at the beginning of the game before making others.

  • Wild joker

The joker card and wild joker are almost the same but different. Both cards can be used in place of any other card. The joker card is prefixed but the wild jokers are selected at random, and if the joker card is randomly selected as the wild joker, then all Ace cards are used as wild jokers. The joker card does not carry any points, whereas, the wild joker does carry points.


Knowing your online rummy game cards well before entering a paid game is crucial. You must know what to do with your cards. And now that you’ve learned, practice your game and start playing.

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